Minahan, D., Brunet, J. (2018). Strong interspecific differences in foraging activity observed between honey bees and bumble bees using miniaturized radio frequency identification (RFID). Front. Ecol. Evol. 6, 156. PDF

Minahan, D., & Brunet, J. Foraging strategy as a tool to predict species-specific patterns of pollen foraging by honey bees and bumble bees in suburban-agricultural landscapes. In preparation

Minahan, D., Hetherington, M., & Brunet, J. Correlates of pollen protein and amino acid contents to pollen collection patterns and foraging strategy in honey bees and bumble bees. In preparation

Minahan, D., & Shafir, S. Effects of omega 6:3 ratio in the early adult diet on the foraging ontogeny and activity of honey bees. in preparation


Ongoing projects

Goren, M., Minahan, D., & Shafir, S., Effects of high omega 6:3 ratio on the nursing behavior of honey bees in progress